The old & The New

Just “flicked” between the old web site and the new one, and would like to be on record in thanking the “Peters” for making our old site one of the best in the FF world and now taking us into the modern age with our new site. The challenge is to get all of our members to utilize this fantastic assett of our Club to enhance our pursuit of the Wily Trout and Pelagic Monsters


One Reply to “The old & The New”

  1. Thanks Kenny. The old page was certainly useful for the club and getting new fisherpeople interested in joining our great club. No many would realise there are over 45 webpages and hundreds of photos on our old website.
    The new site is starting to look great. I hope it continues to attract new members (like our old brochureware site) as well as provide members with a vast amount of information and opportunities.
    Good luck Peter

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