Competition Casting

The competition casting practice sessions are held on Tuesday nights. The sessions commence between 18.30 and 19.00 and all Members are invited – whether you wish to practice or get some expert tuition or advice. If you are going to be there on a Tuesday evening, please let Bruce or Bob Martin know by sending them a text message – their numbers are listed in the Membership List in the newsletter. The pool also remains open at any time should Members wish to go along and spend some time practicing.

The following links can assist if you are interested in the current Competition Casting Rules, and for the different event Casting Event Layouts. For further information, please contact the Club.

Competition casting is a great way to improve your casting skills and accuracy. If any Member would like to try their hand at competition casting or get a better understanding of what is involved, please contact Bruce Ratcliffe or Bob Martin or chat to them on a Tuesday evening.

General casting practice and tuition sessions also continue to occur every second and fourth Wednesday prior to members’ nights and general meetings from 6.30pm under lights.

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