Website updates

Members, there have been some updates to the members only section of the website. Under the Skills Development tab, there is new information that is particularly aimed at our newer members. The updates include:

  • A list of typical equipment used in fly fishing
  • An overview of the basic setup – from the rod to the reel, fly line, leader and tippet.
  • Information on Fly Rods
  • Information on Fly Reels
  • Information on Leaders and Tippets
  • Information on the most commonly used knots.
  • Some recommended Flies for beginners.

I’d encourage all new members to have a look at this information and speak to experienced members of the Club or the Committee if you need any further advice.

March 2015 Fly Fisher

The March 2015 edition of the Fly Fisher is now available. Click here for to access:
SFF Mar 2015

This includes:

  • The Presidents Report
  • Calendar – Coming Events & Notices
  • Committee – Officers and Delegates 2014–2015
  • Powlett River Trip Report
  • Eildon Trout Farm Trip Report
  • John McIntyre Christmas Fishing
  • VRFish & CVFFC Updates
  • Senior Social Members Day & SFF Club Caps/Badges
  • Casting About
  • Southern Lights Casting Results
  • General Meeting Minutes
  • Accommodation Offers
  • Membership Nomination Form

Members please note that to access the full version of the March 2015 Fly Fisher you will need to login and go to the Current Fly Fisher section under the Club Magazine tab.