November 2014 Fly Fisher

The November 2014 edition of the Fly Fisher is now available. This includes:

  • The Presidents Report
  • Calendar – Coming Events
  • Committee – Officers and Delegates 2014–2015
  • Max Kepert Cup Report
  • SFF Open Day Report
  • Goulburn River Trip Report and Club Dropbox
  • SFF Senior Social Members Day Gathering & SFF Club Caps/Badges
  • SFF Fly Tying Activity & Casting About
  • General Meeting Minutes
  • Accommodation Offers
  • Membership Nomination Form

Members please note that to access the full version of the November 2014 Fly Fisher you will need to login and go to the Current Fly Fisher section under the Club Magazine tab.

Open Day Raffle Winners

Congratulations to the following winners of the Open Day raffle:

  • 1st Prize – Peter Cairns
  • 2nd Prize – Norm Griffiths
  • 3rd Prize – Peter Golding
  • 4th Prize – Grant Mathews
  • 5th Prize – Peter Gadd
  • 6th Prize – Chris Fazekas

Happy fishing with your new toys!

Auction Night – 12 November

Members, just a reminder that this Thursday is Auction Night. Buyers, please bring (lots) of small $ notes as change sometimes is a problem. NO CREDIT or EFTPOS facilities, cash only at fall of the hammer.